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121130_Smiling+Dog_118-2252106963-OAthletes and active types have a host of aches and pains to contend with and often look to yoga to complement their other activities. Runners tend to have tight hamstrings; cyclists often have tight quadriceps. Those engaged in throwing sports or swimming may complain of tired or aching shoulders; golfers and tennis players may have more freedom of rotation in one direction than the other. Luckily our yoga classes offer a range of poses to bring your body into balance.

If you’re mostly looking for increased flexibility, we recommend our Hatha, Restorative, or Yin classes.

If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, we recommend trying our Sweet or Strong Vinyasa classes. These classes are generally more active and most athletes enjoy the challenge.

In reality, any yoga class will help provide the benefits you are seeking.  Try our killer Introductory Offer – $30 for 30 days if you want to try our studio, teachers, class types and see if yoga can be part of your health and fitness routines. Check out our current class schedule for more details.

Even physiologists who don’t do yoga now agree that the practice provides benefits well beyond flexibility and relaxation. Recent preliminary research shows that yoga may also improve strength, aerobic capacity, and lung function. If you practice yoga, you already knew that. But if, like others, you’ve been told by friends, family, doctors, or even other yoga students that you need to add some running for your heart or strength training for your muscles, here’s evidence that yoga is all you need for a fit mind and body.