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We offer the following treats to our students! Some of this is stuff we love, local businesses we support, and other things we offer to make your life with use easier.


Smiling Dog App

Smiling Dog Wellness is our FREE & personalized mobile application designed just for us. Dare we say it's awesome & sexy? It offers everything you need: access to class schedules, appointment booking, class sign in, add bookings to your phone calendar, full account access including the ability to cancel scheduled visits, view visit history, and purchase history!  Click here to download:  Apple Store or Google Store.


MINDBODY Connect App

Our local software friends, MINDBODY, have also designed a free app that you can use to interact with our studio and any other studio that uses the MINDBODY software system.  It's a little less robust than our native app listed above (it can't book appointments, for example) but is cool for those of us who travel often and/or attend lots of different boutique, wellness businesses in our community.  Another thing to note, it often creates duplicate logins for our clients due to the registration process.  If you login and it tries to force you to pay and it shouldn't, check in at our front desk so we can merge your profiles and you'll be good to go moving forward.  Click here to download: Apple Store or  Google Store.



We want to hear what you think!  We partner with a customer feedback system, Listen360.  If you attend classes at our studio you'll get an e-mail from them once every 30 days and we appreciate any feedback you might provide.  We take it very seriously and do our best to address concerns.  If you prefer not to receive e-mails from them you can easily opt-out on the bottom of the e-mails.  You may also e-mail feedback to and/or leave an anonymous message in our fishbowl near the front desk.



Customers earn reward points when they interact with Smiling Dog by attending workshops, posting about us on Facebook, Twitter, referring a friend, and for their birthdays.  Points add up to earn customers free classes to use themselves or share with a friend.  You'll get messages to sign up for our reward system from our rewards partner, Perkville.  If you prefer not to receive e-mails from them you can easily opt-out on the bottom of the e-mails.


Commuter Rewards

Customers who commute by bike, bus, carpool, or walk should enter their names into our commuter reward fishbowl at the studio and be entered to win a $20 credit towards your membership or other purchases at the studio!