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Our Values & Mission


do yoga. be you. find peace.

The yoga path is a life path.  These are just some of the thoughts, concepts, and yogic philosophies that stand behind our yoga oasis.  Let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions!


Our Mission

Helping people become healthier, happier versions of themselves.


Our Values
  • Here to Serve. We practice Karma Yoga, Seva, and serving those we interact with to our best ability. Thankful to be part of such a great community, in such a great town, space, and time to be alive.  Helpful because we can, not because we have to be. We care for ourselves, each other, our students, and everyone we interact with. Striving for win-win in all situations. Taking actions that lead to long term happiness in ourselves and others.  Always considering "the spirit of the law, versus the letter of the law".  Paying it forward whenever possible.
  • Committed to Living Yoga. We strive to bring a peaceful and present mind to all we do. Aware that we must take care of ourselves first and in multiple dimensions. Committed to not letting our ego’s get the best of us. Striving to live well balanced lives, focused on responsibilities, relationships, recreation, and rest.  Committed to honoring the traditional yoga philosophies included in the yamas which encourage ahimsa or non harming, satya or truth, asteya or non stealing, brahmacharya or dedication, and aparigraha or non grasping.  Committed to honoring the niyamas which encourage saucha or cleanliness, santosha or contentment, tapas or austerity, svadhyaya or study of oneself, and ishvara or surrender to the universe.
  • Continuously Evolving. Aware that we must evolve to remain useful and relevant. Pushing ourselves to our healthy edge and inspiring others to do the same. Not judgmental of where we are today and patient with ourselves.  Willing to "suck" on or off the mat knowing that this is where true growth and change happens.
  • Liberatingly Honest and Full of Integrity. Aligned with the concept of Satyam, or Truth, from the Yamas in the Yoga Sutras. Willing to be honest with ourselves and others. Open to hearing truth even when it's difficult to hear.  Have the courage to say "No." Have the courage to face the truth. Do the right thing because it is right. “All nature loves an honest person.”
  • Proactive. This means more than merely taking initiative. Once we have taken control of our lives we can begin to influence our world through our home, workplace, and community. Bring solutions to problems rather than merely complain about conditions.
  • Environmentally Conscious. Conscious that maintaining a healthy planet is the paramount responsibility of every human being. Commit to taking actions to minimize environmental footprints, at the studio, in our personal lives, and beyond.  From the little to the big: ride your bike, walk, recycle, reuse, reduce!
  • Committed to “3 C’s” on the mat and in our lives.
    • Competence – knowing what we are doing
    • Character – doing the right thing, even when it’s not convenient
    • Compassion – care as much about others as we do ourselves
  • Respectful. Treating others as we wish to be treated, with courtesy, politeness, and kindness.