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Teacher Training Policies & Need to Knows

Unlimited membership is included in the total cost of the training. It will be valid two weeks prior to our first weekend of study and will end one week after our last weekend of study.

Books and study materials are not included in the registration fees. Trainees can borrow books from the library or friends, or buy new copies to keep in their personal yoga library.  

If you are participating in this training as an Advanced Studies participant and are not interested in becoming a certified yoga teacher, you will pay the same rates and you can either skip practice teaching exercises or use that opportunity for self study. We will have a detailed schedule each weekend and you can pick and choose which sessions to attend or not. 

No sharing or exchanging
 of teacher training unlimited yoga memberships. 

Our teacher training manual has been written by lead instructor Sera Melini, with the exception of our "Business of Yoga" module which will be written and presented by Studio Owner, Stephanie Moran and Studio Director, Chandra Hardester. The manual will be printed and a confidentiality agreement will be required from each participant prior to the program launch. 

Refund Policies

No refunds will be offered once the course has begun, however, should an emergency arise, our Leadership Team will be happy to discuss alternative solutions. This alternative will be offered in the form of studio credit and will be calculated based on the number of weekends lapsed, minus a $100 administration fee and the initial $500 deposit.

Denial of Enrollment: If an applicant is denied enrollment, 100% of all student fees and tuition paid will be returned upon denial confirmation.

Missed Sessions

If you are enrolled in the teacher certification program and miss any sessions of the training, you have the following options to make up your hours towards certification, if so desired.  We do not offer refunds for missed sessions after the fact nor do we cancel monthly payments in the case of missed sessions for those who have committed to the entire course / all weekends.

  1. Pay for an additional private session with the teacher training leaders for an extra fee of $150 for a 120 min session to get a summary of what you missed in the case you do not want to wait to take the weekend again in the following year.  In this case you must make up the difference of missed hours by taking classes at the studio.  You can schedule a private yoga > teacher training makeup session through our MB system here or email your instructors to find a time that works.
  2. Make up any missed hours less than an entire weekend (16 hours) by taking classes at the studio totaling your missed hours.
  3. For those on the payment plan who wish to pause/cancel payment for a missed weekend, please contact us with at least 14 days notice before your scheduled payment.  We will cancel payments for a $50 cancellation fee.  You will be required to pay the weekend drop-in price if you wish to retake the weekend down the road and can make up hours as detailed above with private yoga and/or attending classes within 1 years of being accepted into our program.
  4. Those who wish to become certified must attend most of the sessions and cannot use the make up hours for more than two missed weekends.  If you miss more than 2 weekends, you may not be eligible to apply for full certification through Yoga Alliance.

We look forward to deepening our practice together.  Questions/concerns, email: