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Pre and Post Natal Yoga


prenatal1Yoga and pregnancy seem to fit together naturally. The flowing movements help to tone and stimulate the muscles and bones without depleting energy, while the seated poses nourish our tissues and organs, and the breathing exercises teach us how to remain calm and open in the face of vulnerability, stress, and states of flux. All of these aspects of a Yoga practice can enhance the experience of pregnancy and give us tools for labor, delivery, and beyond.

Many of the teachers who lead our regular weekly yoga classes do not have specific training in pre or post natal yoga and for this reason we cannot recommend pregnant women attend most of our weekly drop-in classes.  We have filtered our weekly class schedule below to only show the teachers who have experience with prenatal yoga.  You are welcome to attend these classes and talk to the teacher before hand to ensure you and your little one are taken care of.  If you haven't been active in yoga recently, we recommend you do not attend any vinyasa style class.

On the other hand, if you feel comfortable modifying your own practice without specific assistance from the teacher, if you are a yoga teacher yourself, or have a well established yoga practice and history, you might feel safe and comfortable in a regular class.  Ultimately, it is your judgement call already to decide what is most safe and helpful to you and your growing baby.  


We also offer Prenatal series classes that meet once a week for 4-6 weeks. These small classes are taught by teachers specifically trained in the challenges that are unique to pregnancy and post natal bodies. You’ll get individual attention in a small group setting and the opportunity to bond with other women who are dealing with the same changes in their lives.  Click the button below to find the next opportunity to attend a Pre or Post Natal Series Class.

Prenatal Tips

The following are some tips to help our pregnant goddesses on and off the mat:
  • Avoid twisting & laying on your stomach
  • Focus on hip opening, all squat variations, reclined butterfly, side waist opening, shoulder opening, wide forward folds
  • Focus on long spine in forward folds without compressing the belly (only folding halfway forward)
  • Inversions are ok if you were practicing them before you got pregnant, otherwise skip them
  • The following is a video we like!