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We also offer private yoga for one-on-one instruction or small group yoga sessions where you can get individualized attention and focus to help you find poses and modification that work for you.  This is a great option for those who are brand new to yoga, teachers, or regular practitioners.  You can expect an individualized practice designed with your goals in mind.  Contact us below or book online if you're interested in signing up.  Sign up with one of our fabulous teachers and get the experience of one on one teaching from a qualified and certified instructor.

We also offer Ayurvedic Consultations at Smiling Dog. When we are in health, we are curious, enthusiastic, vibrant and rhythmic. Circumstances of life of course, decrease one or all of these expressions of health and leave us feeling some combination of closed minded, fearful, lethargic or depressed, or simply - not ourselves.  In our sessions together we will learn your constitutional type - this means, the expression of your natural state of health that makes you feel like yourself. We will then review the current state of health that you are in as well as your personal goals for our sessions and your life in general. Once gathered, we will come up with a diet and lifestyle plan (food plans, cooking, activity, and time management) to assist in jump-starting the changes necessary to allow you live the life you are intended.  

Please call the studio at 805-546-9100 or email us at to book your session!

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