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Workshop Requests


We accept workshop requests that are aligned with our values and vision, that our students have expressed interest in, and that will improve the health and wellness of our community.  First priority goes to existing teachers and instructors we have relationships with and knowledge of although we are open to making new friends too.  We accept these requests on an ongoing basis and will review and make offers quarterly.  To request to teach and lead a workshop at Smiling Dog Yoga please submit the following workshop details to

  1. Subject (i.e. yin, centering, restorative, prana flow)

  2. Description (2-3 paragraphs or 150-250 words of what the class or workshop will cover, what it’s inspired by, what practices will be focused on)

  3. Suggested title (i.e. Yoga 101 Workshop)

  4. Preferred number of sessions (i.e. 1-2 weekend days or 4-5 weekday sessions)

  5. Preferred day of week & time of day you prefer for each session.  Keep in mind that our studio is only available when weekly classes or recurring workshops aren't already happening. (i.e. Monday evenings, Saturday afternoon)
  6. Preferred start date and/or date range for workshop.  The more flexible you are, the more likely we can accommodate you.  This should be at least 6-8 weeks from the workshop request date.

  7. Images (one of yourself, one of a class doing this type of practice, or another inspiring and professional image related to the subject for marketing)

Once we receive these details & decide if your event is aligned with our vision, we may reach out with an offer.